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"We live to ride"
Porcupine Cycling Team

Porcupine Cycling Team

Each year the team keeps growing. We attract exciting sponsors as well as new team members. The reason for this is simple. Porcupine Cycling mixes all things wonderful in life. Good times, great friends, beautiful nature, physical activity and of course doing our part to spread happiness throughout the community. That is what cycling in Utah should be all about.

We invite you to browse further through the website. Feel free to look at our sponsors, team members, upcoming rides, history, jerseys, gear, products and more. Remember to always be safe on the road, happy cycling.

Utah Cycling

Members of the Porcupine Cycling Team share many common goals and passions. It is our love of the outdoors and dedication to bettering our community that has united our members to work as a team.

During the development stages of our Utah Cycling Team founder Mike Meldrum knew he needed a partner who shared his vision. Porcupine Pub and Grille was a perfect answer. It was a match made in heaven.

Owners and management alike fully support the cycling team as well as their racing and benefit ride endeavors. For more information about the Porcupine Cycling Team we invite you to read our Cycling Club sign-up form.

Porcupine Cycling is all about comradery and teamwork. We are continuously motivating each other and working together to reach that next goal. Our rigorous race schedule helps keep all of us in shape, while still leaving room for our busy lives. Our Utah Cycling Team is always looking for new members to join the squad. Whether you are a novice cyclist or an experienced triathlete you will be able to find something just right for you. Interested in joining the team? Download and review our member sign-up sheet to join our Salt Lake City Cycling team today.


Porcupine Pub & Grille's Cycling Team
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